Select Oklahoma Launches New Website
Website is clearing house of information

OKLAHOMA – Select Oklahoma is excited to announce the launch of our organization’s new website . 

The goal for the new website is provide information about the organization, as well as guiding new business opportunities to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce for location and expansion assistance.  The site is a clearinghouse of information identifying members, leadership, education opportunities, and events supported by the organization.

Select Oklahoma an Economic Development Partnership, Inc. was formed February 2021. The new organization merged the Oklahoma Professional Economic Development Council (OEDC) and the Governor's Economic Development Marketing Team (GEDMT). Job one of Select Oklahoma is supporting statewide efforts to recruit new and retain existing primary jobs and capital investment in the state. In addition to marketing efforts, the corporation will support a healthy economy for the State of Oklahoma through legislative advocacy, education, training and development, and professional collaboration.

The members of Select Oklahoma represent rural, suburban and urban interests that are all investing in the development of key economic sectors throughout the State in partnership with the State of Oklahoma, as well as leaders in the public, private, tribal and philanthropic entities. Select Oklahoma members recognize that growing the State of Oklahoma's economy serves a larger mission than only focusing on the needs of their individual communities and regions. Currently the membership includes over 130 professionals representing economic development organizations, utilities, non-profits, and higher education.

Key partners of Select Oklahoma include the Oklahoma Business Roundtable and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.  Membership in Select Oklahoma is encouraged for any professional working to support economic development in the State of Oklahoma.


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Select Oklahoma

Supporting a healthy economy for the State of Oklahoma through legislative advocacy, education, training and development, professional collaboration, and supporting statewide efforts to recruit and retain primary jobs and capital investment.